Popular Questions

What is event trading?

Event trading is an almost entirely new category of trading which allows users to trade on current events. Instead of trading on stocks like you would trade on events based on the information provided to you, based on the price decided by you. The events on which you can trade encompasses cricket, football, finance and current affairs.

Can we trade on any particular event multiple times?


I bid but my opinion went unmatched? Why?

The price at which you decide to match is down to your judgment of whether you will find a match at that price. If you bid for an amount which is too high or two low, you may not find a complementary match of a person whose bid is as low or as high.

What do we do before we withdraw money? Is KYC verification compulsory?

Before you can withdraw, you will have to submit your PAN documents to us. Post this, you will be able to withdraw your winnings from Better.

How long does it take for the winnings to be credited to the user’s accounts?

We try our best to credit the winnings within 48 hours. However, due to exceptional circumstances, this may get delayed.

Can we play the game across India?

Due to the current laws and regulations, we do not offer the real money game version of the app in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Assam, Sikkim and Nagaland. You can play the real money gaming app in the rest of the country. However, the non real money gaming version can be enjoyed anywhere in the country.

What is hedging? How do we hedge?

Hedging is a form of trading where you invest on two different outcomes, to offset losses and make profits. On Better Opinions, you can trade on "Yes" and "No" in such a manner that you make an overall profit irrespective of the result. This will require trading and business acumen.

Is there a limit up to which we can trade with every month?

Yes, users can trade up to Rs. 5000 per month.

Is TDS deducted on the winnings?

Yes, if the winnings exceed Rs. 10,000, TDS is deducted at 30%.

I am bidding for Rs. 7 but still showing potential win Rs. 3 but if I bid Re. 1 my potential win is Rs. 9?

We allow 2 users to trade on events such that the combined trade amount between the users is Rs. 10. You may bid anywhere between Rs. 0.5 and Rs. 9.5 for each event and you’re matched with a user with a complimentary trade. If you win the event, you win Rs. 10. The margins of your trade depend on how much you bid. If you bid Re. 1, you can potentially win Rs. 9. However, you may not be able to find a user with a complimentary trade of Rs. 9, since such a user will make a profit of only Re. 1. If you bid for Rs. 7, you will win Rs. 3 if you win the event, but the chances of your matching are higher. To sum up, you win Rs. 10 minus the amount you’ve bid. If you’ve bid a low amount, you may make a higher profit, but you may not be able to find a complimentary match, which means you will not be able to participate in the event.