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Choose an Event

Click on the event to choose the event of your choice. You can select different categories or choose an event from the feed

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Predict the Outcome

You can predict the outcome as Yes or No. The prices mentioned in the boxes are the current prices which you need to pay to play. You can also bid for another price by clicking on “Place an Opinion” on the bottom of the screen.

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We will help find a match

If you have predicted the outcome as ‘Yes’, we will find a user who has predicted ‘No’ at a complementary price, and vice versa.

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Trade Executed

We will match your prediction with a complementary prediction. For eg., if you predict ‘Yes’ for 60 coins, we will match it with a user who bids ‘No’ for 40 coins on the same event. Whoever predicts rights wins 100 coins.

What happens on Better Opinions?

IIT KGP : Better Opinions Market Maker Program

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About Us

We are a platform which seeks to be the stock market of opinions. We let you trade on the outcomes in multiple categories while empowering you with actionable information to help you with your trades. You can set your price, hedge and trade using Better Opinions. With our insights and your skills, you can trade and profit.

We want to make trading an exciting exercise. And everything we do revolves around this. Yeh platform sirf suit boot logon ka nahin, yeh platform hum sabka hain.

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This app is true to what it promises. You have to analyze and then make a decision. If you put your time to it it gives great returns .. definitely a 5 star app.

Android Engineer, Nykaa

Where predictions meet with knowledge..The app created a new fantasy where u dnt need to create team u just need to predict the match or moments… I like it… and fantasy users pls try it..

Regional A.M., Maison D Auraine

This was the first time I tried an app like this and I am really impressed with the working! It’s so simple to understand and also its genuine! Updating everything on time! Keep the work up!

A.M., Good Show Events & Exhibition Pvt. Ltd.

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